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Speedex Courier & Logistics starting scince 1999 .When it comes to domestic courier services in India, no order or parcel delivery can be treated as the same. ... We provides its customers with options like on-demand delivery, same day or next day delivery, as well as time-defined and slot-based deliveries.Choose a shipping service that suit your needs with FedEx. Whether you need a courier for next day delivery, if it's heavy or lightweight – you'll find a solution for...
At Speedex Courier & Logistics we understand the importance of dedicated, personalized customer service.The courier that works best for you should be able to provide the speed, security and service your business requires.

Save time, money with Speedex Courier & Logistics secure, easy-to-use logistics technology solutions

From blockchain readiness to robotic process automation and natural language processing, Speedex Courier & Logistics in-house logistics transportation technology experts designed our best-in-class solutions to take the complexity out of logistics technology and ensure your freight always arrives safely and efficiently. Whichever of our three main supply chain technology services and offerings you choose, from day one, our dedicated integration unit will work directly with your teams to streamline onboarding and engagement.


Location :
Andheri East,Mumbai-400069

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Speedex Courier & Logistics understand the value of time for businesses are increasingly demanding distribution services which will allow them to take advantage of the growth in domestic trade and commerce, providing faster supply chains solutions and more efficient logistics.